A full range of meals are provided and included in my fees


  • cereal, toast/crumpet and a drink


The following meals are available at lunchtime

  • sandwiches with various fillings such as cooked meats, cheese, all served with salad.
  • Various types of soups such as Chicken, potato and leek, vegetable, all of these are home made.
  • Toast with various toppings such as: beans, cheese, spaghetti, ravioli, bacon,
  • also jacket potato, cheese, beans,
  • sausage roll, pasta and tomato and cheese

After lunch

  • yoghurt and fruit


  • morning and afternoon snack is a piece of fruit banana, pear, apples, grapes, raisins


  • I have a fresh water dispenser and children have access to this at all times, juice is offered at mealtimes if the child wishes

Evening Meals

The following meals will be available:

  • shepherds pie and fresh vegetables peas/beans
  • chilli rice/jacket potato
  • sausage and mash
  • oven chips and chicken nuggets
  • pizza and garlic bread and salad
  • stew and dumplings
  • potato hash
  • hot dog and fries
  • cod in sauce and oven chips
  • stewed steak and potatoes and vegetables
  • noodles and jacket potato
  • fish and oven chips
  • spaghetti bolognaise
  • lasagne and garlic bread
  • chicken/beef/pork/veg and roast potatoes
  • sausage casserole and mash
  • curry and rice
  • spring rolls and oven chips
  • lentil stew and dumplings
  • sausage and yorkshire pudding and mash

If there are any foods your child would prefer to eat I will do my best to accommodate

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